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Some reasons why you should pick us

  1. Οur dental clinic is new and modern, equipped with state-of the art dental equipment and the latest world class technology.
  2. The dentist is highly qualified, speaks English and was actually trained in the USA – TUFTS Dental School - Prosthodontics
  3. We have a representative in Sweden, so we are always easy to reach and happy to assist our clients every time they need to; before, during and most of all after the treatments too.
  4. No waiting lists! You can get an appointment with us within a couple of days.
  5. Dental treatments in Greece are about half the price compared to UK, US and Scandinavian prices, so you can enjoy great relaxing holidays together with the dental treatments and still save hundreds of euros
  6. We strictly follow all hygienic rules to assure your health and safety.
  7. All our treatments are painless with the choice of anaesthesia.
  8. We take full responsibility for all dental work undertaken in our clinics.
  9. Cosmetic Dental Care gives a guarantee on all dental work undertaken which is in line with international standards.

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